1. What are the subjects and grades for which you provide tutoring ?
  2. Tutoring is available to students of all grades 1- 12 .The subjects are English , French , Malayalam , Mathematics, Physics , Chemistry , General Science and IT . Also a new program for "Basic Math for all".

  3. Does your tutoring provide any EQAO preparation?
  4. We provide EQAO preparation for Grade 3, Grade 6 & Grade 9. Our tutors are experienced with the EQAO standard and will prepare your child to achieve top results.

  5. What are the date and time for tutoring services?
  6. We provide tutoring services from Monday to Sunday. Flexible hours to match your schedule. Tutoring sessions are*made available at your home and at our center every Saturday .

  7. How long are each sessions?
  8. We provide 2 sessions a week, 90 minutes per sessions and 1 session in a week with 90 minutes as per your choice .

  9. Do you provide one-to-one tutoring?
  10. We provide one-on-one tutoring as well as group tutoring and at your home and at our center .

  11. How do I pay for your services?
  12. Payment method is simple. Our services are charged per sessions and payments are made every month . Sessions must be paid for in advance.

  13. How are the tutors selected for my child/me?
  14. All of the tutors have experience in their designated field. We offer you match your child needs with the subject specialized tutor. All of the tutors are University graduates and they have a dedication for teaching.

  15. What if I am not satisfied with the tutor that has been assigned to my child/me?
  16. Basically our tutors are dedicated and flexible to your child's learning abilities. However if you are not completely satisfied with the tutor what we selected , please feel free to contact us through E-Mail. We will provide you the best services and 100% output .

  17. What if I want to change one of the tutoring days?
  18. If you need to make changes to your schedule please contact us through E-Mail or Phone 24 hours before . If you want to re-arrange the schedule for a temporary period, please notify the tutor and the office.

  19. Do you provide learning materials and worksheets?
  20. We provide workbooks, worksheets, printed notes with solved problem for all subjects and grades. All the learning materials are based on the Ontario Curriculum.

  21. How do you select your tutor?
  22. The tutors are selected after direct interview based on the qualification , reference check, and some other processes. All of the tutors will have exceptional experience in their own subject .

  23. What is the special feature of Teacher's Tutoring ? .
  24. We do free evaluation with test before start first class . We provide free printed notes on each subjects. Conducting monthly tests. Collect feedback every 2 months Updating classes based on feedback. We give daily Home work.